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Without Emanuel Ringelblum, the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto would never have exist. The creator of a unique initiative of civil resistance movement in occupied Europe is the protagonist of the first in a series of podcasts of the Oneg Szabat program.

Listen to the story of the extraordinary life of a historian, activist, educator, social worker and – most importantly – the leader of the Oneg Szabat Group, established in the Warsaw Ghetto in the fall of 1940 in order to document the life of Polish Jews under German occupation.

Emanuel Ringelblum during the student years

professor Paweł Śpiewak, director of the Jewish Historical Institute

Today, Emanuel Ringelblum is also the patron of the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw. That is why we talked about him with the director of the Institute, professor Paweł Śpiewak.

Ringelblum Archive is the archive written by the Jews about the Jews. People in the ghetto didn’t know what was the Wannsee Conference, they didn’t have the knowledge of different German decisions, but they felt the result of their decisions on their backs, on their shoulders.

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