Three years of the Oneg Szabat Program. What are we preparing for fall 2020?

The Oneg Szabat program will soon be celebrating the third anniversary of its foundation. In fall 2020 we will invite you to listen to a series of podcasts about the people who formed the Oneg Shabbat group and created the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Professor Paweł Śpiewak, director of the Jewish Historical Institute

photo by Marta Kuśmierz

Emanuel Ringelblum

In September, in the first of a series of podcasts, we will talk about a man who, in the conditions of war, occupation and the Holocaust, created a unique initiative of the civil resistance movement in the Warsaw Ghetto – Emanuel Ringelblum. We will ask what Ringelblum believed in, try to understand from where he took his strength to act, why he was most interested in the stories of ordinary people and what influence he had on the final shape of the Archive hidden in 1942 in the ruins of the Warsaw ghetto.

Subsequent episodes of podcasts will introduce Rachela Auerbach and Kalonimus Kalman Szapiro. Together with the researchers and translators of the Archive, we will look at life in the Warsaw Ghetto through the prism of the accounts written by Rachela Auerbach and the documents left by the famous tzadik. We will look at journals, letters, texts of sermons.

And in October, we will invite you to participate in webinars.

On October 8, we will talk to the Director of the Jewish Historical Institute, professor Paweł Śpiewak on the role of the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto in preserving the memory of the Holocaust. On October 22, we will hold a discussion with the translators involved in the process of making the full edition of the Ringelblum Archive available in English.

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The full edition of the Ringelblum Archive in Polish / The first volumes of the ARG translated into English