Anna Majchrowska

Josef Kapłan

10 Sep: 77th anniversary of Józef Kapłan’s death

JJózef Kapłan was a Hashomer Hatzair activist. He was invited to join the Oneg Shabbat by Ringelblum himself in 1942. On September 3, 1942, Kapłan was arrested and imprisoned at the Pawiak. He was executed in the ghetto, inside the gate of a house on Dzielna Street, on September 11.


01 Aug: Monday, 3 August, 4 PM

On 3 August 1942 two students of the Ber Borochov school at 68 Nowolipki street – Dawid Graber and Nachum Grzywacz, along with their teacher Izrael Lichtensztajn, hid the last section of the first part of the Ringelblum Archive