28 Oct: Aleksander Landau

An engineer, managed a wood workshop in the Warsaw Ghetto – one of the forced labor companies working for the German army. Supported the Oneg Shabbat group and the Jewish Social Self-Help. During the Great Deportation to the Treblinka death camp, he offered shelter to intellectuals in his factory. During an attempt to escape occupied Poland, he fell prey to a Gestapo conspiracy.

20 Aug: Kiddush Hashem. In memory of Szymon Huberband

On August 18, 1942, Szymon Huberband, a rabbi, who, according to Emanuel Ringelblum, was one of the most important collaborators of the Oneg Shabbat group, was deported to Treblinka. We present a fragment of his written accounts about saving the Torah from destruction by the Germans.