15 Nov: The closing of the Warsaw Ghetto

16 November 1940 was a decisive day for the Jews of Warsaw. The community of 400,000 was closed in the prison walls of the ghetto, which – as Ludwik Hering wrote in one of his short stories – cut the people off everything which could make living possible

07 Nov: Natan (Nusen) Koniński

Natan Koniński was a refugee from Kalisz. The Ringelblum Archive contains many reports written by him, such as The Face of the Jewish Child, where he described the fate of Jewish children during the occupation

30 Oct: With God’s help

Kalonymus Kalman Shapira was a charismatic tzaddik from Piaseczno near Warsaw, an outstanding public speaker, an innovative teacher. Despite his personal tragedy which had bereft him of all hope, he didn’t abandon his mission to reinforce faith in his listeners