ROSER 2 (Chip)
01 Dec: 68th anniversary of discovering the second part of the Ringelblum Archive

On 1 December 1950, in the area of the Muranów C housing estate, at 68 Nowolipki street, diggers and bulldozers of the State Workers’ Estates Construction Enterprise were preparing the area for a new building. Suddenly, they came across two milk cans, which contained a treasure hidden in February 1943 – the second part of the Undeground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto.

09 Nov: Who will write our history?

Roberta Grossman’s film premiered on 21 July at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, where it received the Audience Award.

17 Sep: We must rescue the Ringelblum Archive!

The first part of the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto was unearthed on 18 September 1946. Seventy one years later, on 18 September 2017, the Oneg Szabat Program was launched – a project aimed at commemorating an popularizing this great legacy of humankind.

Josef Kapłan
11 Sep: 76th anniversary of Józef Kapłan’s death

JJózef Kapłan was a Hashomer Hatzair activist. He was invited to join the Oneg Shabbat by Ringelblum himself in 1942. On September 3, 1942, Kapłan was arrested and imprisoned at the Pawiak. He was executed in the ghetto, inside the gate of a house on Dzielna Street, on September 11.