About the Program

The Oneg Szabat Program is a multiannual plan for activities aimed at popularizing knowledge about the Oneg Shabbat group, commemorating its members and making the contents of the Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto (known as the Ringelblum Archive) available in Poland and internationally.

The program began on 18 September 2017, on the 71st anniversary of unearthing the first part of the Archive from the ruins of the school at 68 Nowolipki Street, and it will continue until 2025.

By spreading knowledge about the Archive, we would like to pass to contemporary generations accounts of those times, left for us by people impacted by the Holocaust. We want to tell about their attitudes – brotherhood, mutual help, resistance, conspiracy, difficult daily choices, and eventually – fear of terror. We want to tell about combat which doesn’t take an armed form – it can also be pursued through intellectual resistance and work.

The Oneg Szabat Program implemented by the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute and the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland, within a public-private partnership.